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Here is a quick introduction into the Air 2 Air Technology

Our world is changing the way we heat our homes are improving.

Renewable Energy is part of our Future. Without Renewables the carbon reduction targets can never be met.

Is Air to Air Heat Pump the right heating solution for you?

Air to Air Heat Pumps are work in the same way as an air conditioning unit but in reversing the cycle from producing warm air instead of cold air. The Air to Air Heat Pump pumps warm air into rooms around the house from ducting the warm air produced by the heat pump.

Here is a very basic principle of how the heat pump works.

The heat pump draws the outside air in then compresses the air extracting the heat once the heat pump has completed its cycles creating heat at the desired temperature ready to be dispersed around the areas connected by ducting.

What are the benefits or having Air to Air.

Air to Air suits some applications for heat and cooling demand.

Here are a number of advantages of an air to air heat pump

1. Air to Air can provide both heating and cooling.

2. There isn’t any need for radiators or under floor heating to be installed.

3. The installation cost could be cheaper than other technologies.

4. Installation can be straightforward in most cases.

5. Easy functionality.

6. Highly efficient 1kW of energy can generate 3 to 4 kW of heat.

7. Low noise levels so shouldn’t be an issue.

8. Using an Air to Air heat pump unit is environmentally friendly.

9. Releases no harmful gases or emissions.

10. Helps improve the sustainability of your home or business.

Air to Air suit some applications for heating & cooling.

It’s worthwhile having a survey completed to check if this technology is worthwhile installing

Important notice the Air to Air technology isn’t supported by the government-backed Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme.

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