The Nigerian’s economy must be diversified and as such other alternatives and resources the country has must be fully utilized. The Northern Nigeria has a better opportunity in utilizing the CSP technology due to its enormous opportunities. With this being said, the over dependency on fossil fuel (Oil and Natural Gas) can be lessened. This move towards Nigeria taking its place in renewables must be driven by all stakeholders. The government should play its vital role in mapping out the best policies and aids for private and public investors. The Tertiary Institutions should improve on the Research in CSP technologies and provides the best optimal methods of achieving higher efficiencies while the youths can promote the knowledge across the country and Africa like the Student Energy in Port Harcourt through projects, seminars, summits and conferences. With careful examination and implementation, the Northern Nigeria and other parts of the country can harness its Solar energy and create the ‘new oil’ for National development and hence take its place in the new dimension of the Energy revolution across the Globe.