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Introducing FIBARO  

This is only a small insight in the world of this smart home management system.

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A smart home will allow you to experience a new dimension of comfort, and safety the Wireless Z-Wave network, designed specifically for the smart home, used in sensors, modules, switches and other FIBARO smart devices that allows convenient remote control of devices in your home, garage and garden.

Control your home remotely.

The installation of this Smart Home Technology is non invasive miniature modules of intelligent sockets switches are simply added to the existing electrical installation, while aesthetic wireless sensors can be placed anywhere in the house. 

FIBARO system has an open architecture, which allows to expand it with other companies devices.  Furthermore it is compatible with full range of Z -Wave devices manufactured by almost 600 independent manufacturers. 


FIBARO Smart Home system is a fully wireless solution for people who want to avoid costly renovation work and build  heir smart home step by step.    Most Smart Home Technologies depend on an extensive wiring network but FIBARO is wireless. 

The FIBARO will grow with your needs you can develop and expand the wireless network of devices, modules and switches around your home, garage and garden as you like.  This system has a unbeatable choice for the most demanding users

1. Highest level of security and data privacy.

2. Stable mesh network of inter device connections .

3. Unlimited possibilities for development of the system ,

4. System capable without internet connection .

5. Quality installation from Solum GB.

6. More than 300 brands are integrated with FIBARO  .

FIBARO can connect to many areas of your home using Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa who will help you control various elements. 

FIBARO Home Centre App is the highest level of UX and ultimate efficiency ever implemented to Smart Home management software.

Intuitive mobile application dashboard is designed to make everything you need for efficient home management visible at first glance.  Easy use easy access. 

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