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EV Charging Installation

Transforming your drive: Trustworthy EV Charging Installation Services

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Bournemouth Southampton Winchester Salisbury Poole Andover Weymouth Ringwood Gloucestershire Wareham Christchurch

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Join the Electric Car Revolution with SolumGB

As more people transition to electric cars for a sustainable commute, the electric car industry is evolving rapidly, providing increased mileage and accessibility. SolumGB is here to support your journey by installing cutting-edge EV car charging points. Our services are simple, fast, and delivered with quality and professionalism.

Whether you’re a homeowner making the switch or a business aiming to cater to EV drivers.  SolumGB offer both domestic and commercial installations. We mostly install Zappi chargers from MyEnergi and the new GivEnergy EV charger as well as other popular EV manufacturers on request. Embrace the future of transportation—get your EV charging point installed today and contribute to a greener tomorrow.

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Unlock the Advantages of Home EV Charging

Prioritise your safety and enjoy smart charging: Our Home EV charge points establish direct communication with your car, ensuring a secure charging process with an array of intelligent, tech-enabled services.

Experience seamless convenience: Say goodbye to extension leads and concerns about overloading your home’s electrical supply. Home EV charging eliminates these hassles, offering a smooth and worry-free charging experience.

Embrace substantial cost savings: Home EV charging provides a cost-effective alternative to public charging stations and traditional fuel use. Capitalize on off-peak electricity rates and special EV charging tariffs from utility companies to maximize your savings.

Charge your EV sustainably with Solar PV: Connect your EV charger to your Solar PV System and enjoy free charging using surplus solar energy. By integrating the two, not only do you contribute to a greener future, but you also maximize the benefits and cost-savings of your EV charging experience.

Connect with Us and Power Your Life with Solar Energy

Our EV Charging Installers are here to help provide you with the perfect green energy solution!