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Maximize Your Energy Independence with Solar Battery Storage

Solar Battery Storage

SolumGB provide tailored solar battery solutions using trusted, industry-leading manufacturers

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Bournemouth Southampton Winchester Salisbury Poole Andover Weymouth Ringwood Gloucestershire Wareham Christchurch

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Store Energy & Save Money On Electricity Bills

Unlock Savings and Energy Independence with Solar PV Battery Storage Systems

Say goodbye to wasted solar energy and soaring electricity bills. Our advanced battery storage solutions are custom designed to revolutionize your approach to energy consumption.

In the past, solar PV battery storage was considered impractical for most households due to high costs, short lifespans, and bulky lead-based batteries. Introducing a groundbreaking leap in solar PV battery storage technology. This innovation marks a significant shift, making household power storage not only economically viable but also a worthwhile investment.

How does it work? The battery seamlessly integrates with your Solar PV panels, allowing you to maximize returns from the government’s SEG scheme and harness free renewable energy even when the sun isn’t shining.

Our carefully curated packages are tailored for most domestic installations, providing plentiful energy storage to suit various lifestyles. By choosing SolumGB’s best solar batteries for home, you benefit from an extensive warranty backed by trusted and innovative solar battery brands. We mostly install GivEnergy, Pylontech, Sofar Amass, Solax & Huawei solar battery and pv related products, we can also provide solar battery solutions for inverters from SolarEdge, Solis, Sunsynk, and many other brands. All of these companies are renowned for their quality engineering, design, and innovation, ensuring that our product delivers on reliability and performance for you and your home!

Make the smart move to energy independence and start saving with our solar battery services today.

Solar Battery Companies We Use

How do Solar Batteries Work?

Harness the full potential of your solar panels, the concept is brilliantly simple yet highly effective.

During daylight hours, when your solar panels are generating surplus energy that isn’t immediately needed in your home, the system intelligently directs it to charge the battery. This prevents excess energy from being sent back to the national grid, allowing you to capitalize on Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) payments for any electricity you contribute to the grid.

Once the battery is fully charged, any remaining excess electricity is seamlessly fed back into the national grid, earning you valuable SEG payments. As the sun sets and your panels stop generating electricity, the inverter taps into the stored energy from the solar battery to power your home. Only when the solar battery is depleted does the system draw power from the grid.

The solar battery manufacturers use world-leading lithium-ion cell technology, the same trusted technology used in cutting-edge IT devices and vehicles. Meeting the stringent quality standards demanded by global automotive companies and utilities, these batteries ensure effective and safe operation for years to come.

To provide you with full control and visibility, our web-monitoring system allows easy tracking of the ESS’s operation. Monitor PV generation rates, battery usage, and charge status remotely. The system also offers an advanced remote assistance service, preemptively detecting errors to ensure uninterrupted performance.

3.6kW Givenergy Inverter & 5.2kWh Battery - PV Installation - Bournemouth - March 2023
3.6kW Givenergy Inverter & 5.2kWh Battery - PV Installation - Salisbury - August 2023
6kW Huawei Inverter with 10kW of Battery Storage for PV Installation - Salisbury - May 2022
Sofar Inverter with a 4.8kWh Sofar Amass Battery - Farnham - May 2022

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Solar PV Installations Starting from £3999!

Full installation to MCS standards. Includes 8 panels, inverter and scaffolding.

(Subject to pre-installation survey)

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